Thursday, August 23, 2012

Epi Tea – The New Kid In Town

I am taking a break from reviewing today to make a public announcement. Today August 23, 2012 marks the official opening of Epi Tea’s web store.

Epi Tea is currently available to tea drinkers in the US and Canada. The hope to go global in the near future.

They are currently offering four different blends packed in tins each containing 25 biodegradable pyramid sachets. Their blends are Irish Breakfast, Berry Rooibos, Serene Chai, and Lavender Earl Grey.

They are willing to listen to their customers. This was evidenced when during early taste tests, the response caused them to drop one of their offerings.

You can read reviews of Epi Tea blends here - These are from the Steepster online tea community.

I have never reviewed or tasted any of these teas. So why am I announcing the opening and what’s in it for me? To be clear Epi Tea has offered a link back to this site but that is NOT my motivation. Kyle the CEO of Epi Tea is a regular poster on Steepster. He is a 19 year old college man who has impressed me with his enthusiasm, drive, and passion for tea. Epi Tea has the goal of creating a unique American tea culture through a new way of sharing tea. They have a thought out plan to accomplish their mission. I bid them success.

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