Friday, January 31, 2014

Royal Tea Bay Co., LTD, Snowy Mountain Handmade Plait Puer Tea T105 Raw

Royal Tea Bay Co Description:
The processing skills of plait tea was invented during Ming or Qing dynasty. The material of the plait puerh tea is good quality whole leaf of snow moutain big-leaf puerh tea leaves. The liquor is bright clear, mellow and of rich taste. Very comfortable sweet taste without any bitterness. Strong fragrance stay in your mouth for a long time.

My Review:
Check this out! I have never seen a tea, much less puerh, braided in such a fashion. I could not resist trying this one. This was given to me by a friend and was originally purchased from Royal Tea Bay Co managed by CCTVSystem2011 on Ebay.

The instructions say to use 1 braid per cup. I probably should listen but I chose to use 3 as I am brewing about 10 oz at a time. I used my glass press so I could watch the leaf and boiling water. The steep was one minute. The result was a very light liquid that turned more honey once poured in the cup. The wet leaf has a dusty/musty raw puerh aroma. It reminds me of the smell of the old grist mill in a nearby state park. There is nothing barnyard or fishy present. The leaf has only slightly relaxed.

The sip is clean and crisp. There is just a small amount of metallic taste that is not overwhelming or bitter. Other reviews I have read called this citrus and almost lemon. I did not have that impression. They used a gaiwan for their brewing. The feel is slightly creamy and a little slick feeling. This is very drinkable.

It may sound strange but I often judge a puerh on how it affects my tummy. The more it rumbles the more I like it. This is a rumbler! I am not talking astringent burn - I hate that. I mean a literal rumble almost like hunger pangs. What ever micro-magic puerh does, to make me feel it has cleansed my system, this one appears to be a champion.

I am not sure how many western style mugs I will get from the braids but I am about to find out as the first mug is gone already. This is currently $8.99/50g or $10.99/100g with free shipping. Worthy of a purchase if you even kind of like raw puerh.

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