Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Andrews & Dunham, Double Knit Blend

Andrews & Dunham Description:
You’re truly at your best when you drink the very best. Try our new Double Knit Blend and enjoy the rugged, stylish flavors you can only get from fully modern beverage engineering. Using our patented natural process, we’ve blended a tea that will keep you on top of your day: from your very first sip — bright as sunshine on a California highway — to your last mellow mouthful, satisfaction will be yours. You’ll feel it, and others will notice. Make it a Double Knit Day!

We like to soak these custom blended tea leaves in our favorite tub for four minutes. Invite some friends or just take it easy on your own — make sure the water's boiling and the mood is light and this tea will take care of the rest.

My Review:
Well reading the official description isn't much help in knowing what to expect from Double Knit Blend. What is it? Two different teas woven together? I have no idea. It is an obvious black tea. The leaf is mostly dark with some lighter bud colors mixed in for good measure. The dry scent is malty.

Against my better judgment and past experience I brewed 1 tsp in 8 oz of boiling water for 4 minutes per recommended steeping instructions. I almost always stop at 3 to avoid bitterness and stomach burn. Others insist the 4 minutes is correct, so here goes.

The brew is deep orange brown with a lightly malty aroma. The sip is not bitter. There is the lightest hint of smoke. I also notice a brightness or briskness. It is not really tart and just edges on sharp. There is some malt especially late in the sip. I am not good with deciphering what teas are being blended but my total uneducated guess is Kenyan and Assam. It is actually kind of mellow. It falls in somewhere between an English Breakfast and Prince of Wales.

While this type of black tea is never going to blow my socks off, it is a good solid tea. Those who do crave similar blends have rated this highly.

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