Saturday, November 1, 2014

What-Cha, Nepal First Flush 2014 Emerald Green Tea

What-Cha Description:
A delightful green tea with a brilliant apricot taste combined with hints of nectarine, one of our favourite green teas.

Sample provided by What-Cha Tea Redefined

My Review:
November 1st already? What happened to summer? More important at the moment - hurrah! I seem to still have an internet connection at the beginning of the month! My provider went out of business and now I am just waiting to hear from the carrier about future options. Trying to stay positive in an area without many choices.

Today, I reach the bottom of the box What-Cha sent for me to review. I can't say enough nice things about my dealings with What-Cha. Their tastes are similar to my own. Almost all of their offerings are single source natural and unflavored teas. They carry many teas that are more traditional or common types but the majority are off the beaten trail type teas.

Take this one for instance - Emerald Green Tea, from Nepal. I don't see this offered on every other internet site. That peeks my interest.

The leaf is mostly large full leaves and connecting stems. Though dry, they appear fresh. The scent is like fall leaves.

Using my press and charcoal filtered water heated to 176F. The leaves were steeped for 3 1/2 minutes. I was busy getting the computer up and running and missed the dance. The outcome was some of the leaf hung from the surface, while others rested on the bottom. The remainder drifted in between. I'm sorry I didn't get to watch.

The scent was steamed vegetables with a fruit note that upon reading What-Cha's description I can agree is nectarine.

You can see buds in the picture, as well as two and three leaves joined by a stem.

The liquor is a bright and shiny yellow with maybe a hint of green. It kind of depends on the light. (duh)

The taste is light and crisp. At the front it is vegetal with just the slightest bite. This drifts momentarily through spring water before changing to a floral grassy aftertaste that lingers. No bitterness and no astringency.

I do catch hints of apricot in the taste. This might be the power of suggestion as I read the website tasting notes. I caught the nectarine more in the aroma than in the actual sip. Regardless, this is a delicate but very pleasant green tea.

What I love about this tea is it is similar to a lot of the better Chinese green teas I've tried but still unique in its own way. In addition, it amazingly bears no resemblance to the Nepal black or white teas I have tried from What-Cha.

I loved the other teas as well. That is not my point. While all of their Nepali teas are sourced direct from Greenland Organic Farm, all of them taste different. I find that cool. It speaks highly of the artistry of the farmers. Of interest to many of you, all the Nepal teas are chemical and pesticide free.

A huge thanks to Allistair at What-Cha for allowing me to sample and review some of your offerings. Much success to you.

You can find Nepal First Flush 2014 Emerald Green Tea here.

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