Monday, September 14, 2015

Red Leaf Tea, Cheesecake Matcha

Red Leaf Tea Description:
When the much loved cheesecake is combined with exotic Matcha, the resulting Cheesecake Matcha is unforgettable and very delicious. With its creamy and buttery undertones and a hint of Matcha spiciness, a Cheesecake Matcha treat can easily take its place among the everyday favorite snack choices. This versatile treat adapts to the palate and can sometimes taste salty or creamy or sour depending on who is enjoying it. This varied taste makes this delectable treat truly exceptional and very favored among those who prefer non sweet snacks in their refreshment alternatives.

My Review:
I begin everyday, and I mean every day, with a cold 2% milk and matcha latte. I want the milk for the nutrition (milk does a body good) and to protect my stomach from my morning medicine. I want the matcha for the flavor and the caffeine. One of the side benefits is the natural antioxidants found in the powdered tea leaves.

Normally, I drink it with added Splenda and maybe a light splash of vanilla and caramel syrup. I like kitchen grade matcha fine for this, but truth be told, the expensive stuff tastes even better if you can afford it.

I recently ordered, I believe, 8 different flavored matcha samples from Red Leaf Tea. I don't drink a lot of preflavored tea since discovering loose leaf unless it is for a review. These I got because they sound like fun!

Opening the sample bag, I smell the powder. It reminds me more of cookie dough than cheesecake at this point. The powder is kind of a dull yellowish green. This sample is made with basic matcha. You can get the good stuff if you like for extra money.

I used two of the pictured spoons of powder - 1/2 tsp total, in a glass mug and added half a cup of milk. Then, I used my new milk frother to mix and foam. I love the frother and highly recommend getting one for your latte needs. After filling the mug with foam, I slowly poured in the rest of the cup of milk. I gently ran the frother at the bottom to fully mix everything.

The result is a bone white colored mug with a foamy top.

In tasting, I bounce between, yes it tastes like cheesecake without the fruit topping, to no, it tastes like Celestial Seasoning Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. Now, I must tell you, I have multiple boxes of said Sugar Cookie in my possession. Locally, it is available only for a brief seasonal time each year. It is a must have.

The biggest difference is the smooth creaminess of this frothed blend. It has a buttery lightly salted taste. The light salt is probably just my brain trying to dissect the flavor and not an actual element.

My opinion is this cheesecake matcha needed no added sweetener. The ingredients listed on the website are "Pure Matcha powder from green leaves, Cheesecake Natural Flavor". I followed the directions. Normally I would use closer to 2 tsp of powder in 12 oz of milk. Here I used 1/2 tsp in 8 oz, and I was happy with the result. The longer I sipped the more I made the cheesecake connection.

I think if you tossed some berries in the cup it would make for an even better sensory delight.  As prepared, I can see my nightly winter Sugar Cookie may have some morning competition!

You can find Red Leaf Tea Cheesecake Matcha here.

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