Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Tea Merchant, Silver Jade

The Tea Merchant Description:
This is our blend of organic green and white teas with a hint of bergamot. Creates a smooth, mellow, fresh taste with hints of honey and citrus. Revitalizing at any time of the day.

Organic White Teas, Organic Green Teas, Organic Oil of Bergamot

My Review:
When The Tea Merchant offered a free sample give away on Steepster I jumped at the opportunity. They quickly arrived but had to wait their turn.

So I have been anxiously awaiting my turn to review this companies tea. Today, they finally worked their way to the front of the line. I love the way this is packaged. It is a nice touch that makes the experience seem more special. The samples came wrapped in a brown paper and is sealed with a wax seal bearing the company ship emblem. The sample pouches themselves are the same brown wrapping material on the outside continuing the theme. It feels like you are receiving a valuable treasure from long ago.

Silver Jade is a white and green tea blend. When you open the bag that is obvious as there is white downy buds mixed with darker green leaf. It smells and looks fresh. Mostly, I am picking up on the scent of white tea with just the lightest hint of citrus from oil of bergamot. I hesitate to mention bergamot but it is on the label. People have strong preconceived notions about it. Some of us can’t get enough and immediately think Earl Grey! This is not Earl Grey. Some folks frown at the mention of bergamot, because they hate Earl Grey. This is not Earl Grey.

I steeped a large scoop for about 3 minutes in steaming water. The result is a golden green cup. The taste is mostly what I think is white peony. The green I can’t really separate out but it does add heft to the cup. It makes for a bolder cup of white. It reminds me slightly of White Monkey. Late in the sip and far in the distant background is the faint touch of citrus. The more the cup cools the more the citrus is sensed, but it never reaches a point where you would think ‘bergamot’. As with the green tea it seems to be here to make the white seem bolder, so it can shine.

It is slightly milky and sweet with notes of honey. They call this cup a smooth, mellow, fresh taste. I would agree. A nice refreshing take on white tea.

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