Friday, September 20, 2013

Solstice Brews, Sagittarius- Cranberry Chamomile Tea

Solstice Brews Description:
Cheery. Vivacious. Golden.
A bright, tangy blend is just the cup of tea for the adventuresome Sagittarius.
15 tea bags
Ingredients: Lemongrass, Orange Peel, Cranberries, Chamomile

Price: $4

Sample provided by Solstice Brews

My Review:
Today The Everyday Tea Blog takes a look at a new to me company Solstice Brew. They offer both tea and coffee selections. I'll leave the coffee to someone else to review.

From their about page: Focusing on fantasy and science fiction inspired tea, Solstice Brews aspires to introduce you to innovative blends that you can’t just get off the grocery store shelf... I wanted to offer the quirky blends of loose leaf in tea bag form using quality herbs and a flair for fantasy.

The first tea (tisane) that I will be reviewing is from their astrology line. The bag is tagless and stringless. It is a nicely plump bag and I can just make out some of the ingredients through the paper.

I boiled my water and poured over the bag in a 6 oz cup. The steep time was 6 minutes before first taste. Because it is a tisane, I left the bag in the cup without fear of bitterness.

The cup was lightly yellow colored. The flavor was equally delicate. The main note was cranberry. This made for a quiet, slightly tart, but pleasant cup. This is quite different than I was expecting from their description. I actually preferred this over the loud, boisterous, hibiscus driven flavors I normally encounter in herbal blends.

After a few sips, as is my custom, I added some Splenda. The addition of sweetener completely changed the cup. This was about as radical of a transformation as I have noted.

With sweetener the chamomile influence came forth and mixed with the orange, lemongrass, and cranberry tasted (to me at least) like the warm cinnamon flavored apple sauce my grandmother used to serve. I loved this. Maybe you will have a completely different reaction to this cup, which is the beauty of an interesting cup. Anytime you can transport me back through time to enjoy a moment with a beloved long passed grandmother, you get extra points from me. Can a slice of her lemon pie be far behind?

Oh, and be sure to visit Soltice Brews website.

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