Sunday, October 6, 2013

Teavivre, Taiwan High Mountain Oolong

Teavivre Description:
Although Taiwan originates from Fujian, China, its flavor is quite distinct with Fujian Oolong tea. Like this Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea, it is recommended for beginners of Taiwan oolong. Different from the high aroma of Fujian Oolong, this tea has light floral fragrance.

Sample provided by Teavivre

My Review:
I am getting ready to start an oolong fest with several samples from Teavivre. First up is this May 2013, High Mountain oolong, from Nantou, Taiwan.

The pellets are nicely tight and look typical of oolongs. I did not note an aroma of the dry leaf. I used my press and water heated to boiling per Teavivre instructions. The steep time was 2 minutes on the first cup. 

The leaf only partially relaxed and has a seaweed/spinach aroma. The color of the liquor reminds me of white grape juice. It is softly yellow but very light. The cup aroma stands out above the leaf and is floral. It is not the heavy floral I often associate with Taiwan oolong. It is much more delicate.

The sip reveals buttery spinach with a hint of bite. It is only slightly sweet. There is no bitterness, astringency, or rough edges. The aftertaste swells to a floral wave that subsides leaving a long lasting sweeter than expected floral taste.

With the second 12 ounce mug the leaf has almost completely relaxed. It is beautiful full leaves that look so green and fresh you could almost imagine they were just picked off the tree especially for this cup. The taste is every bit as full and flavorful as the first. I am nearly certain this would go at least one more steep, unfortunately I am out of time today.

While this may be less complex than some Taiwan oolongs, it will still blow the doors off any you have tried in a bag. This is my idea of an everyday oolong.  The taste, aroma, and aftertaste are all solid without becoming overwhelming or unbalanced. A very nice tea and a great start to oolong fest.

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