Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Future - at least for the short term

There is still a little over a week left in October. While I am still able to get the message out I thought I would share that there may be an interruption in my ability to post on The Everyday Tea Blog. This will also affect my email capabilities. Hopefully, I will find a quick seamless solution.

Back on April 1st (April Fools day but this was no joke) our internet provider (Millenicom) raised rates about 50%. They blamed this on their carrier, Verizon, for refusing to negotiate with them. Within another month we were told our email service was being discontinued. I already had this blog set up to use gmail so it had no affect with contacting me from here. That appears about to change.

Now, I have learned from a neighbor, Millenicom will no longer have anything to do with our internet as we will be dealing directly with Verizon. My neighbor was informed Verizon would be contacting us with service options. That is all fine and good except the month is almost over and we have heard nothing directly from Millenicom or Verizon. I may find myself without internet access by November 1st.

We live far from any major cities. Just as there are few tea shops in our area, there are even fewer alternatives for internet. We have no DSL, cable, or fiber optics. We did away with our land line as the line quality is so poor it could barely maintain a low dial up service.

So that leaves us with only WiFi or satellite internet. For Wifi only Verizon has a signal in our area. Millenicom used their towers but apparently are no longer welcome to do so. Verizon WiFi data plans are outrageously expensive for very little data - even if they do ever bother contacting us. I am looking into satellite but have a lot to learn as it seems very pricey as well.

With some hope and a prayer, I will find a solution that allows The Everyday Tea Blog to continue operation beyond the first of the month.    

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