Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Little Green Teapot

Today's review will be a short one. I just wanted to introduce the newest member of my collection. I mentioned a short time back that I wanted to find a small teapot to brew my black teas. I love my press and use it almost all the time for greens, whites and oolongs. The clear glass of the press is awesome for watching the dance of the leaf during steeping.

The press has also served as my black tea brewing vessel but the time has come to adjust to something more appropriate. I just felt like something that holds the heat better would help bring more depth to my cup.

Today my wife was in Goodwill and found this little 12 ounce beauty on the shelf. There is no identifying markings on the bottom to tell me where it came from originally. The outside has not a scratch or chip on it anywhere. The interior looks pristine after a thorough cleaning.

This very gently used teapot was only $4, quite a bargain, I think. Waiting until the first Saturday of the month, it would have been half that price, if someone else didn't buy it first. I've missed out on a couple others with that tactic. Fortunately, my wife did not wait.

After cleaning and warming the teapot I grabbed some Golden Yunnan from RiverTea for the maiden session. Sadly RiverTea appears to have closed shop, which is a real shame. This slightly smoky Yunnan is an awesome tea. I poured through a steel strainer basket as there is no built in filter in this pot. The little green teapot did an amazing job. The tea did taste even better out of it. The smoke was nicely present in the aroma and it brought out leather notes in the sip I had not noticed before.

This was a well spent $4. Welcome to the collection. You will be used often.


  1. That's a cute teapot! I love the Golden Yunnan too, and I'm sad that RiverTea has closed shop. I'm sure there are teas out there very similar in flavour, but I haven't found them yet. I'm hoping that one of the Teavivre samples I ordered from Black Friday will hit the target, though.

    1. Thanks! The Teavivre teas in general have more depth and you will love them, but none of them have the level of smoke in this one. I normally drink this early in the day when the extra depth isn't as important to me. Definitely going to miss it. Wish I knew where they sourced it from.