Thursday, February 12, 2015

Golden Tips, Gopaldhara Gold Darjeeling Black Tea

Golden Tips Description:
Among the most sought after invoice's from the years pre-winter harvest, the Gopaldhara Gold is an autumnal beauty. A delicate yet rounded black tea with intricate flowery notes. The tea brings about a subtle and sweet profile with hints of fine muscatel and an slightly earthy roundness. The lingering aftertaste brings in sensations of dark bold chocolate and cocoa. A fantastic leaf tea texture with golden tips spread evenly, this is definitely among our better autumn Darjeeling's.

Sample provided by Golden Tips

My Review:
Today I continue my education with an autumn flush Darjeeling. I usually try to start these reviews with a photograph of the sample packaging. It helps me to see the thought and care that goes into a shipment. Golden Tips does an excellent job. All the samples have been completely sealed and carefully labeled.

Opening the pouch I get an interesting assortment of aromas. It first says tobacco to me, then no, its cocoa. Wait, I'm getting something very sweet. My brain can't focus it. Thoughts of mint, orange, citrus, and candy flash past me.

Removing a spoon of leaf had me feeling warm and fuzzy on this very cold February day. The leaf looks so much like fall. There is a touch of green left, while being mainly various shades of tans and browns. I do see a stem or two in the mix.

Looking over my growing collection of brewing equipment, I chose the Bodum press. I don't have a reason other than it has served me well and clean up is pretty straight forward.

The water was heated to 200F. I couldn't decide between boiling and 195F, so this is my compromise. The steep was 3 1/2 minutes. The recommended is 3-5.

The brew is orange brown and light in the depth of the tint. By that I mean it is opaque rather than a solid impenetrable color. It seems quite clear with no floaters or cloudiness. It is kind of shiny.

The aroma of the wet leaves is pretty noteworthy. It is dominated by a wonderful grapiness. I know Darjeeling is noted for its Muscatel grape aroma but this one is so nice. Along with the grape is a woodsy scent and a hint of chocolate. Yeah, I know.

The sip is clean with no bitterness. Its rather mellow at 3 1/2 minutes. There is only a mild briskness. I think this would take hotter and longer in stride.

This may be the very first Darjeeling I have ever tried where I understand why some people are obsessed with them. Most of the time I can't tell a lot of difference between Darjeeling and Nepalese. This one stands out to  me.

After a little jolt of briskness, I get grape, but it isn't straight up grape. It has a fuller taste like a hit of citrus is backing it up. This is followed by an awareness of the woodsy leaf taste with just a hint of chocolate. As that fades the grape rises up again and remains in the lingering aftertaste.

There is just a touch of dryness but who cares. This is really a pretty amazingly tasty tea.

You can find Golden Tips, Gopaldhara Gold Darjeeling Black Tea here.

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