Saturday, April 18, 2015

Curious Tea, Subscription Plan

Curious Tea Description:
Choose between light, dark or a mixture of tea types and receive two different 50g pouches of premium loose-leaf tea every month. The tea comes in resealable zip pouches to stay fresher for longer. We also include detailed information about each tea and how best to enjoy it. It is all delivered in our customised packaging that is designed to fit through most letterboxes.

Our website features a blog that will have detailed information about our teas, tea recipes and other tea related articles.

Sample provided by Curious Tea

My Review:
Later we will taste some tea. At the moment I want to discuss a subscription plan offered by Curious Tea. This is a UK based company. They offer a monthly plan and a discounted quarterly plan. Shipping is free with paid subscription within the UK. Outside the UK additional shipping fees apply.

The plans are further divided between light (green, white, yellow, lightly oxidised oolong and other similar types), dark (black, red, pu-erh, heavily oxidised oolong and other similar types) and mixed (1 tea from the light box and 1 from the dark box).

Each box contains two 50 gram resealable pouches of your chosen type teas.

This is an opportunity for those who are new to higher grade loose leaf to explore new varieties of tea.

Especially if you are in the UK and a subscription plan appeals to you, look up Curious Tea.

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