Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Rosali Tea

Promotional Box actual subscription may be different
Rosali Tea Description:
Rosali Tea is a monthly subscription of artisanal whole-leaf teas, curated for your needs and delivered to your door.

Sample provided by Rosali Tea

My Review:
Rosali Tea supplied this promotional box for review to make you aware of their monthly subscription service. At this time there are only a couple days left in the kickstarter campaign and apparently they have already reached their goal. So if your curiosity is piqued, after reading my review, jump over to their page and read more of the details.

My sample box contains 2 teas
Whether you are new to tea or looking to expand your horizons a bit, a subscription service provides a good opportunity to experience and learn about new teas and tea types.

Rosali Tea offers a variety of options from a $15 one month plan to 3 month, and 6 month options. Shipping is included, and according to the homepage, you can cancel or pause at anytime.

The actual subscription box will contain 3 premium teas, and biodegradable filter bags. The subscription is tailored to your tastes.

My box contains the filter bags and two teas -a Milk Oolong and a Hibiscus Orange Nectar herbal. Let's take a look at them:

The first tea I prepared was Milk Oolong from Taiwan.

The sample came in a white aluminum resealable pouch. The back of the bag has clear brewing parameters for western brewing. You gongfu folks pretty much have your own ideas and I'm sure you'll adjust.

When I got my first whiff it reminded me of grain, more specifically oats as in Cheerios. The first picture above shows the golden yellow brew. The second is the dry leaf. Tell me it doesn't look like a ninja turtle. Yeah, I thought so. The third picture shows the enormous pile of leaf that results from steeping the ninj.... I mean tea nuggets for 4 minutes.

The taste is very nice. It is light with a milky taste that settles in behind the refreshing green floral oolong notes. The aftertaste lingers, yet isn't the typical heavy floral kind of latex taste found in many green oolongs. I really enjoyed this even more once it was cold. Maybe I'm weird, but this is excellent cold. A very nice tea.

Next up we have Hibiscus Orange Nectar. It is a caffeine free herbal

I have to be honest, when I saw this package my first thought was eeeuuuuwww hibiscus. Yeah, I'm not really a fan - usually. I opened this up expecting a tart blast. Instead I found the most amazing orange and vanilla scented blend. I can see orange rind in the mix as well as tiny bits of hibiscus, and rooibos. Funny rooibos can occasionally be a red flag for me as well. Dry, I do not notice it at all. I believe I also spy red safflower petals as well. This is pleasant on the eyes and really smells amazing kids.

I used my stainless steel strainer instead of the provided filter bags. I should have known better. The strainer always lets fine particles pass right on through. I'm tough, I don't mind a little sediment in the bottom of my cup. Steeped 5 minutes in 200 F water. The brew is kind of an orangy root beer color.

I can lightly catch the rooibos in the steeped aroma. The taste is a wonderful as the dry aroma suggests. It is a velvety smooth vanilla orange with light notes of rooibos. I honestly don't taste hibiscus at all. Rooibos can be problematic as it is often woodsy and rough tasting. Here its sweet flavor fits perfectly with none of the bad throat scratchy roughness.

I added a little sweetener and Oh My Lands! This is truly extremely good. Rosali, I salute you. Hands down the best blend with hibiscus and rooibos I have ever tried. Just Wow!

Currently available only in the U.S.

Until Oct 8th, you can find Rosali Tea Kickstarter page here.

After October 8th the Rosali Tea homepage is here.

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