Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lov Teas, Calmly Cleansed

Picture Credit: Lov Teas
Lov Teas Description:
Calmly Cleansed Tea is a nutrient rich blend bursting with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. This unique combination of restorative herbs will leave you feeling nimble and clean. Beautifully steeped in dark orange, it is a wholesome, purifying addition to your self-care routine.

Rooibos*, Blackberry Leaves*, Raisins*, Black Pepper*, Carrot*, Caraway*, Licorice Root*, Cinnamon*, Turmeric*, Dandelion Root*, Alfalfa*

*100% Organically Grown

Sample provided by Lov Teas

My Review:
My internet is making me crazy. I exceeded my bandwidth last month, as always. When that happens I get throttled down to dial up speed (yeah, not fun). When the new period starts my speed is supposed to come back, except it hasn't. Blogging at dial up speed is really hard.

On top of internet issues, my den is a mess. I am wading through guitars, amplifiers, stands of all sorts, along with way too many teapots, teacups, steeping equipment, boxes of tea everywhere. I can't find my desk and it is sort of an Aaaaarrrrgggggh! day. As I try to find the room, I need some calm.

Today's tea is Calmly Cleansed herbal tea from Lov Teas. Just what the doctor ordered - I hope.

I cut the top off the sample pack and gave a sniff. Strangely, I'm getting mint and ginger. Strange because neither are ingredients in this tea. Pouring out onto the plate, I notice pepper corns, and carrot pieces.

A lot of the leaf is very fine as is the rooibos. I decided to use my stainless infuser basket as it has a very fine mesh. The basket of leaf went into the mug along with freshly boiled and filtered water.

My steep time was 5 minutes. I found it interesting to watch the leaf. At first it all floated at the surface but as time progressed the leaf began to fall, until only a small amount remained at the surface.

The brew is a lovely deep orange red. The aroma says rooibos to me, but not the harsh kind. This smells very pleasant.

Tasting, this is not what I expected based on the dry and cup aroma. I asked the herbal drinker in the house to taste. She thought it had a note of cinnamon. I wasn't sure. Her thought as she left the room was whatever, I like it.

To me it was pretty subtle all around. What I originally caught as ginger in the dry aroma I am now wondering if it isn't the combination of cinnamon, pepper, and tumeric. The rooibos is mild and pleasant. I have no idea why I thought earlier that I detected mint. The unique blending of herbs and spices here caught my ravaged brain unprepared this day.

In the final analysis, I find I don't care what is in this blend. My wife summed it up well, Whatever, I like it. The tea has done its job. I feel replenished. Now I have to pack up some guitars and head to band practice. The mess will still be here in the morning.

You can find Lov Teas Calmly Cleansed here.

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