Monday, June 20, 2016

Adagio, Earl Grey Green Tea

Adagio Description:
Earl Grey Green tea represents a different take on a classic combination: Indian black tea with tangy bergamot flavor. It features a fresh green tea with a delicious crisp texture that pairs perfectly with the orange rind zestiness of the bergamot. Earl Grey Green has a pleasantly dry finish with lingering citrus sweetness.

Sample provided by Adagio

My Review:
This is one of those reviews I am kind of excited about. Years ago I was perfectly content with my grocery store bagged earl grey black tea. Due to my consuming vast quantities it began to attack my stomach. This bump in the road led me to discovery green Earl Grey and encouraged my foray into loose leaf. One of the first loose leaf companies I discovered back then was Adagio. Despite having filled my online basket several times over the years, this is the first time I will actually get to try Adagio tea.

First, the sample size is a generous half ounce size.  It is also resealable. The ingredients are listed on the label as green tea, orange peels, natural bergamot flavor, and blue cornflowers.

Once opened, I am in love. Green Earl Grey is right near the top of my all time favorite teas. This smells crazy good of bergamot.

I don't see orange peels in the scoop, but they may well have settled to the bottom of the pack. The cornflower does add a certain prettiness to the look. The green tea leaf is long, straight, and flat.

In the press the leaf goes, along with 180 F water for a 3 minute steep. I followed directions, though my natural inclination would be to use around 190 F water for a bolder cup. We'll see.

The resulting liquor is bright yellow. While I am getting better with my camera and actually like the leaf pictures today. I am not as pleased with the mug picture. It does not show how bright the tea looks in person. I had to hand hold the camera as I couldn't adjust my Slik tabletop tripod well enough for a sideways shot.

The bergamot scent is citrusy and cooling.

Tasting. It is a little lighter tasting than I would like. I do believe I under leafed. Next time I will up the leaf a bit.

That said it is a nice cup especially at the price. It starts out lightly mineral and swells into the bergamot citrus. It has an almost creamy texture. As is usual with my taste buds, the more it cools the more the flavor blossoms.

I did add some sweetener halfway through the cup to see how it handled additions. It took it really well - however, it becomes almost Kool-Aid sweet. If that's what you like that's fine. I believe I preferred it without additions.

I did want to show you the steeped leaf before I wrap this review. I really did not know what to expect from Adagio in one of their less expensive teas. Truthfully, I guess I expected tiny little shredded pieces. Instead what I am seeing are really large pieces of almost full leaves.

Seeing the leaf, I felt the need to steep this a second time. OK, I was going to anyway because Earl Grey Green, but the leaf  confirmed the need to go for it.

I went a full four minutes and upped the temperature to 190 F. Same beautiful yellow cup as before.  Where as the first cup is a bolder bergamot statement - though not over the top in my opinion - the second cup is a mellower mingling of flavor. The green tea base and the bergamot blend much tighter together. This seems even creamier to me now. This is a pleasant cup. The aftertaste remains a strong citrus.

Thank you Adagio for a good start to your teas.

You can find Adagio Earl Grey Green Tea here


  1. Pssst...You don't want to steep green tea above 180 degrees F., because it "scorches" the leaves and brings out the bitter flavor that people who say they "don't like green tea" associate with green tea. I've converted a couple of non-green tea drinkers by brewing the exact same green tea at the recommended 180 brewing temperature versus the 212 boiling temperature they were using, and they LOVED the "better" green tea. Lol. I'm a sneaky tea person...what can I say?

    1. Excellent point. Especially true when trying to introduce someone to green tea. I have found many greens actually handle full on boil in stride - usually it will require a shorter steep to avoid the bitters. I have also found many black teas need less than boiling (usually abt 195 F) to bring out the best. You just need to be willing and patient with experimenting to find the perfect combination of temp and time.

  2. P.S. Are you ever coming back? You are missed!

    1. Thank you. I miss the reviews too. Been battling health issues. Chronic illness can make the simplest tasks hard work. Tea should be simple and relaxing. Hopefully it will be again soon.

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