Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Primula Tea Guilded Lotus

Not sure why this is called Guilded Lotus as Primula lists the ingredients as green tea, marigold, and jasmine.

I prepared this in my French press using 12oz of boiling water. As with all the green tea pods in the Primula variety pack the dry bloom smells strong of jasmine. The bloom was completely intact after adding the water. As it began to open it quickly sank to the bottom and began to release trapped air bubbles. The air had enough force that it knocked several petals of the flower loose. It eventually expanded into a massive yellow flower. Quite pretty.

I let it steep longer than intended as work got in the way. The brew was bright golden in the press and much deeper in the cup. The taste is primarily jasmine at the front of the sip. This is followed by a bit of bitterness and then a rush of sweet floral goodness in the aftertaste. With the following cups I was careful not to over steep. They had the same jasmine followed by sweet floral without the bitterness in the middle. This is maybe the sweetest tea I have tried. An interesting cup.


  1. yeah, it looks very different and unique in color. i hope i would also find this dark green latte very tasty and delecious. thanks for sharing this. you are doing such a great job!!

  2. Lotus is really a flower filled with many beneifts. Its fragrance is even good fr mind relaxation. If you are unable to sleep or tired just massage with the oil. You will feel better.

  3. Wow great discussed about Primula Tea Guilded Lotus . Its amezing