Sunday, January 1, 2012

Harney and Sons Ziyun Pu-erh Maocha

According to Harney & Sons this is a 2008 raw Pu-erh, it comes to us loose and has slender, wiry leaves. Hints of nectar and peach coat the cup, while a mineral quality lingers in the background.

According to me, this is a raw green puerh. The loose leaf is long and slightly twisted. A bit hard to measure with a spoon. I finally just judged how it looked in the bottom of the press. I did not do a wash. Steeped 1 minute with 180F water. The wet leaf smells of celery and hay. Fresh and green. Appears darker and thicker in the cup than other green puerhs I have tried.

This has a bolder flavor than I was expecting. Fresh, green , mushroom, and light earthiness. There is no bitterness and nothing foul tasting (for puerh, lol). It took a moment to adjust to the bolder flavor but once I did I must say I like this. It has the sticky lip feel of other greens I’ve liked. I was told this is a bit minty. I am not really getting that taste the way I prepared it, (cool water short steeps) but it does make the side of the tongue tingle and leaves a cooling effect to my breath. I steeped three 12oz mugs this afternoon. It was still going strong when I stopped. In the future I will attempt a two day marathon with this one to see how many times it can be steeped.  Click on the link to go to Harney and Sons website.

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