Monday, July 1, 2013

52Teas, Rainbow Sherbet

52Teas Description:
We’ve blended our premium Indian black teas with real freeze-dried orange sections, freeze-dried raspberries and natural lime, orange and raspberry flavors (with just a touch of natural vanilla flavor to give it that smooth sherbet essence).

This tea SMELLS simply INCREDIBLE, like you just popped open a carton of rainbow sherbet, and the flavor is like someone melted a scoop of rainbow sherbet in your tea. Lime, orange, raspberry–who knew such an unusual combination would prove to be so delicious?

My Review:
I have heard a lot of positive things about 52Teas, so I am happy to finally get the opportunity to try their artisan tea. This is a limited edition tea that may or may not be available again. When my oldest son came over to the house to visit, he found this is my sample box. He grabbed it and said, "We must have tea. Now!" So he got the first cup and I got the resteep.

The smell is simply incredible, just as Frank at 52Teas said. We used about 3g and near boiling water. The steep was 3 minutes. The second steep was nicely dark and there is plenty of flavor. This is really good. The senses are flooded with fruit flavors without it being overdone.

The next day I brewed this again, so I could have the first cup. I used the same parameters as the night before. I needed to see how the first cup differed from the resteep. Honestly, both cups were excellent. I can taste the orange, the lime, and the raspberry. The big difference for me was in last night's resteep I didn't notice the black tea. In this first steep it is very obvious in the aftertaste. I do not taste the vanilla so much as catch a sense of creaminess or smoothness.

If you enjoy a fruity tea and this is ever offered again, then you need this one. Seriously good... except as I write this the bag just left my house with my son!

Visit 52Teas.

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