Friday, July 5, 2013

Lupicia, Paradise Green

Lupicia Description:
Japanese green tea sprinkled with island flowers and the sweet aroma of a day in the tropics. It’s paradise in a cup.

My Review:
This is my first tea from Lupicia. I have heard good things about their quality so I am looking forward to trying this one. I have never had tea bags packed in a pouch like loose leaf. These are actually pyramid sachets.

The dry aroma is really nice. The scent is mango, pineapple (I think), and assorted citrus. On my first cup I did not brew this per instructions. They call for boiling water and a 2 minute steep with 5oz of water. Instead I used about 10oz of steaming water.

The aroma is still very inviting. The bag, upon removal, has swollen to full to busting status.

The sip is a bit weak. It tastes really nice, just weak. It is cooling and the aftertaste is a bit like watermelon. I believe this would be really good over ice.

In the spirit of being fair in my review, and because I am still enthralled by the aroma, I am giving this a second chance. This time I used 5oz of almost boiling water - I just couldn't make myself do that to green leaf. I let it steep closer to three minutes.

The sip is... stronger but a bit astringent. The fruit flavors are now a bit too much. It is kind of prickly. Man this smells good though. Maybe 8oz of water would be the magic sweet spot.

This comes in a pouch of 10 bags for $7.50. It smells so good and the taste is pleasant. The problem I have is some low cost bagged teas I've tried tasted nearly as flavorful and delivered a much stronger brew in the mug. I like this one but expected more.

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