Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Life In Teacup, Ron Gui

Sample provided by Life In Teacup

My Review:
I don't have a description from Life In Teacup for this one. The leaf is big and dark. I used two scoops of leaf as it is hard to judge until it is in the bottom of the press. I used 200 F water and steeped about 3 minutes.

As this was steeping the roasted aroma poured out of the press. It made me notice and say, "Wow!" inside my head. The brew is deep orange almost root beer in color. The wet leaf is even darker now, resembling huge leaves of ripened puerh. This is an oolong to don't panic.

This is a medium-heavy roasted tea. Smelling very much like what I associate with Wuyi oolong. The taste is not what I expected. Sure the roasty flavor is present but along with it is a prickly floral flavor somewhere between mango and geranium in taste. There is also a spicy element I can't put a finger on. I did not find it to be bitter or astringent.

At this point I added sweetener to see how it affected the cup.

I find sweetener often brings out flavors I miss otherwise or takes away some bad elements. Not that there are any bad elements present here and it really did little with this tea anyway. It warmed the flavors so they were more rounded and flowed together. I can definitely pick out the taste I often associate with tieguanyin.  It pulls the roasty notes down in the front of the sip so they explode a bit more at the back.

If you enjoy a darker wuyi oolong this is a nice one.

Visit the Life In Teacup website.

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