Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Life In Teacup, An Xi Tie Guan Yin Traditional Charcoal Roast

Life In Teacup Description:
Production Year: 2012
Production Season: Fall
Production Region: Anxi County, Fujian Province
Style: Traditional charcoal roast

Sample provided by Life In Teacup

My Review:
This is the last of my samples provided by Life In Teacup. The sample comes in a vacuum sealed pouch. Inside is another tightly sealed plastic wrapper. The pellets are tightly rolled. Given the label of traditional charcoal roasted, I was expecting a heavier smoked scent. Instead the aroma is green and fresh like hay.

I used about 2/3 of my scoop in the press with boiling water. The steep was approximately one minute. The leaves have barely relaxed and are slightly spicy and seaweed in scent. The liquor is clear sparkling and golden honey colored.

In the sip I am not getting anything like what I expected. This is not a heavy roasted or smoky cup. It is light and savory. There is orchid or floral, there is fruit, and honey in the sip. I am also catching nut or woodsy like notes. Also present is a spicy hint that seems to my palate to be some combination reminiscent of osmanthus, ginger, and cinnamon. The aftertaste is sweet with that fuzzy vine sort of taste common to good green oolongs.

This is priced at $3.99/oz. I have paid more than that for a box of tea bags. According to Life In Teacup each scoop of leaf will steep 5-7 times. Even if you only steep it twice that makes it less expensive than grocery store oolong tea and I pretty much guarantee you this is a whole lot better. A very nice offering with a lot of depth.

Visit the Life In Teacup website.

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