Saturday, February 8, 2014

Simple Loose Leaf, Cherry Green

Simple Loose Leaf Description:
Young Hyson green tea infused with rich black cherry flavor creates a deliciously fruity green tea. Delicious hot or iced.

Young Hyson Chinese Green Tea, Dried Cherries, Safflower Petals, N/A Black Cherry Flavors

Sample provided by Simple Loose Leaf

My Review:
I received a 6 month membership from Simple Loose Leaf to review their teas. I have greatly enjoyed all of them so far and do recommend their tea and their monthly club. I also love the bags they use for the tea. The little vent on the back side helps remove the air so the tea stays fresher. It is a great idea.

I have never had a cherry tea before. I have loved peach teas for years. Recently I discovered that strawberry and tea go together really well despite my suspicions to the contrary. So maybe a fruity tea like cherry can be a good thing.

Opening the pouch, this is definitely cherry. The label says there are dried cherries in the mix but they must be chopped very fine as I don't see them. I don't know that they add anything to the flavor but I always enjoy the appearance of safflower petals.

Per the instructions I brewed this at 180 F for 2 1/2 minutes. The result is a green tinted, slightly cloudy cup. Simple Loose Leaf, on their website, recommends a few second rinse and dump before steeping to awaken the leaves. I did not do the rinse.

The taste is leaving me not sure what I think. I mean what is cherry tea supposed to taste like? Cherry pie? I wish. Maraschino cherries? Thankfully not as I don't like them. The label says black cherry. Yes, I get that but it is the black cherry taste I get in the summertime from a shaved ice drink. It is very sweet (not as sweet as shaved ice drinks but sweet). It is somewhere between candy and Kool-aid. Along with the cherry I can taste the hyson green tea. It is pleasant enough.

Given that I don't know what I should be expecting I cannot say if this is an accurate tasting cherry tea. I think it would be refreshing iced - or poured over shaved ice :) Maybe it is great and it is just not my thing. Based upon my previous experience with Simple Loose Leaf, I suspect this to be the situation.

Visit the Simple Loose Leaf website.

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