Thursday, September 4, 2014

Good Life Tea, Belgian Chocolate - Rooibos Tea

Sample Bag and Leaf
Good Life Tea Description:
A supple, vitamin-rich, fat-free Rooibos base meets a cacao infusion and the results are as tantalizing as the blend of South African and Belgian implies. Calendula and other natural flavors add to the unique, brassy, rich flavor collection as a whole. Cederberg is known for the lingering, incomparable flavor of its Rooibos leaves. This “red bush” is known to South Africans as a relaxant, antioxidant, and provider of a flush, melty flavor. In this case, the always-blendable Rooibos plays off of the coal-ish, insular pleasures of cacao to form what is often described as a “truffle” note.
A medium-flavored "red tea", Belgian Chocolate is a quirky treat, especially for those who have already discovered the pleasures of Rooibos. Perfect as a luxury tea (and perennial gift favorite), Belgian Chocolate is a tea to be savored. Which makes it such a pleasant surprise that it's lineup of health benefits includes an impressively-broad vitamin scale.

Sample provided by Good Life Tea

My Review:
Sample Label
The last few weeks have been very hectic. I've been with my wife as she has had one medical exam after another. More than a few thousand dollars later the conclusion is acid reflux. Thankful it wasn't more serious, but honestly, couldn't they have tried treating it first and then do tests if it didn't ease up? We are also having a porch built on our home. Finding time to drink tea hasn't been easy.

It's 90 F today and feels like 100, but that isn't going to stop me from enjoying a cup of rooibos. This one has cocao in it. Opening the sample packet this smells insanely chocolate.

In addition to the rooibos and cacoa, there are also thin petals in the mix. The description above mentions calendula, I Googled it and discovered calendula is also called pot marigold. I don't think the petals add a lot to the scent or flavor but it does add interest and color.

I used my mug with an infuser basket. The basket as it turns out is not quite fine enough mesh for the tiniest of rooibos pieces but it did hold back most of it. I used boiling water and steeped for about 4 minutes.

Dark Chocolaty Goodness
The brew is dark and resembles coffee. The wet leaf aroma is strong of rooibos. The mug scent is chocolate.

I first tried this with no additives. It starts out rooibos flavored but without the usual harsh ending to the sip. About midway into the sip it switches to light chocolate. It has an almost minty feel. The taste is thinner than I expected based on the strong scents. It has a mineral element that reminds me of spring water.

Next I added sweetener to it. I haven't been using much Splenda lately but hey, this is chocolate. To me that implies sweet indulgence. So into the mug goes a packet of Splenda. My wife would say I just ruined it. I have to disagree.

The flavor pops out of the cup now. I mean it is the same, just bigger. In one sip the flavor bounces back and forth between rooibos and chocolate and swirling in minty fresh notes as it does. As I get closer to the bottom of the cup, I notice the color is a beautiful deep orange burgundy.

I can count on one hand the rooibos teas I have tried and actually would enjoy sipping again. This is one of them. It is a very pleasant chocolate treat without the guilt.

You can find Belgian Chocolate - Rooibos Tea here.

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