Saturday, February 4, 2012

Choice Organic Teas, Wild Forest Black

I have bought Choice teas before I think, but have apparently never logged any of them. This one, I have never even seen before now. It is a bagged version in a paper envelope. The Ingredients listed as simply Organic Black Tea.

First off, the provided brewing instructions (For best results brew 4-5 minutes) will result in a really harsh cup of tea. I went 3 minutes and even at the shorter steep this is very astringent. Cotton mouth astringent. If I had another bag of this I would try 1-2 minutes.

Now on to the positives. This is pleasantly malty. It also has an interesting taste which hints of leather – a first with a black tea for me. I think with a little patience and brewing artistry (getting the most out of a bag is as much an art as it is with loose leaf) this would be a really nice cup.

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