Monday, August 20, 2012

Teavivre, Superfine Jasmine Downy Dragon Pearls Green Tea

I will say again how I used to think I didn’t like Jasmine tea. It always seemed artificial, harsh, or overbearing – because it was. When Teavivre approached me offering their samples, I actually turned down the first jasmine because I was sure I wouldn’t like it. I did accept the Premium Dragon Pearls in spite of the jasmine because they looked cool and different. I am so glad I tried it. I learned from this that I only dislike poor quality jasmine.

Dragon Pearls is at the top of my list, as far as favorite Teavivre teas. It is even at or near the top of my list of favorite flavored teas – right there with Earl Grey. The truth is, it is probably better than any Earl Grey I have tried so far but I refuse to admit it.
When Teavivre offered to send me their Superfine Downy Dragon Pearls Green Tea, I immediately said absolutely. In the back of my mind though, I am wondering, how can you improve on perfection?

I cut open the top of the pouch and I am transported to a place where space and time stand still. What a beautiful, intoxicating scent. It always reminds me of grapes. My brain always connects this with a childhood memory of sipping grape Nehi in my neighbors’ basement while shooting pool or building model cars. Happy times.

The pearls are small, and gray and white in color. It actually looks more like a white tea. I used a spoon of pearls in my press with lightly steaming water. My steep time was a minute and a half. The brew is the palest of yellows - almost clear.

I love sipping this. Every time I lift the cup to my lips I inhale deeply and soak up that fragrance. The sip reinforces it with a wonderful sweet nectar. This gives way to a woodsy sort of leaf taste. The aftertaste is very long lingering leaf and flower. This really is a beautiful tea.

The big question is how does Superfine Downy compare to the Premium Dragon Pearls? Honestly, I can’t give an answer. I think you would need better developed tasting skills than I posses or at least both teas in hand to do a side by side comparison – something I would like to see. From memory, I do not recall the woodsy leaf flavor that I am experiencing. Beyond that I find them both to be stunning teas and worthy of your cupboard.

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