Thursday, August 2, 2012

Two leaves and a bud, Tamayokucha

There's a reason this is our best selling green tea - it has a sweet, light flavor you want in a cuppa' green tea, without being bitter. How do we do it? These whole tea leaves are gently steamed as they dry. Tamayokucha has a beautiful green hue you'll enjoy seeing in your cup as much as savoring on your tongue.

This biodegradable tea sachet was a gift from two leaves and a bud  (Recently this company changed their name to two leaves). I heated up the water to a light boil in the kettle and poured it over this sachet resting in my mug. I steeped for 3 minutes per the directions on the biodegradable envelope.

The dry leaf in the sachet looks dark and small. It really doesn’t look like there is very much tea in this. After the steep the sachet is extremely plump with wet green leaf – Now that is pretty amazing.

The taste is basic green tea. It is light and sweet with no bitterness, just like they say. This is gently steamed but I thought I was detecting a very mild roastiness. It has a pleasant lingering green aftertaste. There is certainly nothing wrong with this tea. If you are looking for a straight basic green tea with the convenience of a very forgiving sachet this is a good one.

Visit the Tamayokucha webpage.

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