Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tea Horse, Panyong Golden Needle

Tea Horse Description:
An elegantly spicy, thick and sweet black tea from China. A supreme whole leaf black tea with lots of delicate golden tips. Originally from the town of Tanyang, this speciality black tea is grown in the eastern part of Fujian Province, in the stunning Taimu Mountains, China.

Sample provided by Tea Horse.

My Review:
This is my second sample from this UK company. I am looking forward to the review. The sample came in a recyclable and resealable foil lined paper pouch. The label is simple, clear, and includes product information, weight, and brewing instructions. Also on the label is a best before date.

I opened the pouch and had to catch the scent twice. This took me back to my childhood when I would go with my dad to the feed store to buy seed. This smells like the corn bin at that mill. Forgive me if you don't make that association. Very cool flashback for me.

The leaf looks like the picture with dark leaf and some golden buds. The leaf is smallish, though larger than the standard fare from most Assam or Ceylon teas.

I used half of my scoop which would be approximately 2.5g or 1 heaped tsp. I used my Bodum press and 8 oz of just off boiling water. The steep was about 3 minutes. I seldom do anything really precise. I just sort of feel it. The resulting liquor is very clear and bronze in color. My first thought on the cup aroma was a good brown bread.

This is representative of other Tanyang and Fujian teas I have tried. The cocoa and caramel notes are present as is the hint of spiciness that Tea Horse mentions on their label. For me though, this is still bringing rich dark bread to mind. There is a honey like sweetness present and a healthy dose of malt. This is why Fujian is one of my all time top black teas.

Overall, this is a very pleasant cup and is excellent for pondering deep thoughts or maybe just reliving pleasant memories.  

Visit the Tea Horse website.

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