Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rivertea, Criss Cross

Rivertea Description:
Prepare to reap an abundance of wellness with this gem from the breathtaking peaks of the Anhui Province of China. The refreshing flavor of this tea with notably brisk notes and a slightly sweet aroma will make you feel so alive. The slightly vegetal essence of this Criss Cross green tea translates on your tongue as light and tangy with a fresh green flavor. Enjoy this tea for sunny afternoons; this sparkling cup of jade green is sure to be the highlight of your day while giving your soul the essential boost of wellness it needs!

My Review:
Another I received in my contest win from this new company. I received 50g of this one. Enough to play for a while. The packaging is a cardboard cylinder. Inside the tea is protected by a zip lock bag.

I am not sure how the name Criss Cross came about or what it means to Rivertea. Removing a scoop of leaf reveals dark slender twists. I am not exactly sure what this is but using Anhui Province as a starting point this appears to be Tunxi tea.

The scent is fresh and grassy. I used a scoop in my press with water heated to 158 F per directions. The steep was 2 1/2 minutes. The resulting liquor is very clear and golden green in color. Very pretty. The wet leaf has a steamed spinach/peas scent.

The sip is crisp. Just a touch of mineral and the good kind of bitter. Further sips reveal a fresh vegetal taste. There is a sweet lingering aftertaste. This reminds me of some of the best green teas I have had from China. A very solid offering from Rivertea.

Visit the Rivertea website.

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