Thursday, December 26, 2013

Teavivre, Rose Dian Hong Black Tea

Teavivre Description:
Rose Black Tea has pink rose flower mixed in the tea leaves, carrying a strong fragrance of roses. After the Dian Hong black tea is made, the tea worker will add rose flower and pure rose extractives in to the tea, giving the black tea a rich rose scent. If you like high floral scent, this Rose Black Tea will be a good choice.

My Review:
I received a sample bag of this tea with my Black Friday order. I stocked up on a couple of staples - Yunnan Dian Hong Golden Tips, and Golden Monkey Black Tea. I also grabbed a jasmine green tea, and some powdered green tea. I won't need to buy tea for a very long while - but I probably will anyway. It's an addiction and I can't deny it.

So on to today's lovely leaf. The picture from Teavivre's site is, as always, a good representation of what you get. My rose bud was mostly cream colored with pink tones below the surface of the outer layer. The leaf is long and twisted with beautiful shades of brown. The aroma is only the faintest of rose. I have only recently started to warm up to rose teas. My early experience was akin to perfume and just too girly. The scent of this is promising.

I used about 3.5 g in my press with water heated to 194 F. The steep was 4 minutes. The liquor is a deep amber/light orange. The wet leaf scent is mostly Dian Hong with the lightest note of rose. The cup aroma is a little heavier on the rose but still in the delicate stage.

I always expect Teavivre to deliver a flavorful tea and this does not disappoint. There is an amazing balance of black tea to rose flavor. Neither dominates. I will say if you are expecting a strong rose presence, this is probably not one for you. Early in the sip I experience the slightly malty/honey/caramel wonder that is Dian Hong. Then mid sip the rose blossoms but remains light and delicate. The flavors meld together in a creamy textured delight that passes into the sweet aftertaste.

Think you don't like flowery teas? You should grab a sample of this with your next order. A very nice tea.

Visit the Teavivre website.

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  1. Ah, rose teas. Done well, they are very good. Done poorly, I can't choke this down. Glad this one seems to have the right balance.