Thursday, March 27, 2014

Darlene's Tea Port, Blue Lady

Darlene's Tea Port Description:
The flavors of passion fruit, grapefruit, orange and grenadine mix to create a naturally sweet infusion. Try this one iced for a hauntingly delicious experience!

black tea, freeze dried orange + papaya + pineapple, natural dried papaya and pineapple, cornflower + calendula + sunflower petals, natural flavors

My Review:
Before I even review this let me state, at the time of this writing, Blue Lady is priced at just $5.49 for 4 ounces. Next let me say I have no idea why this is called Blue Lady. There are no blue flowers or blueberries in it.

The leaf does look like the picture so it is pretty enough. I am not really sure of the dry scent but I am guessing it is the papaya mixed with orange. I used one scoop which is roughly 2 tsp in my press with boiling water. The steep was 4 minutes. The wet leaf aroma was fruity with a peppery note. The brew is deep, deep, red.

Three minutes on the steep would have been preferred. This is more potent than I was expecting. The black base is very present bringing with it briskness and astringency in the form of tongue tingle and dryness. I added sweetener to calm it. Next time I will know better and use a shorter steep.

It is weird that passion fruit is not a listed ingredient but that is the predominate fruity flavor. The other standout note is peppers. Not pepper like in a shaker but little red peppers that should add a lot of heat but don't. This is not heat spicy. It is taste spicy. I like that.

I have not heard of Darlene's Tea Port before. That is a shame because this is an interesting tea.

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