Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Primula Tea, Noble Madam

Primula Tea Description:
Primula Flowering Teas are made by aritsans in China. The flowering teas are comprised of hand sewn AA grade Green Tea with all natural flowers.

My Review:
This is another of my reviews written without internet access. While it doesn't matter that my reviews are posted a week later (or more) after they are written, I don't necessarily like not being able to check the tea companies website for an ingredient list. In this case it isn't important as I have been to Primula Tea's website before and they offer no real information about each blooming tea they sell.

My son and I have been discussing how we went over our WiFi data plan limits leaving us without internet. Neither of us did anything particularly different this month. They tell us we actually went 6 GB over our limit before we were shut down. There is no way we blew through 7 GB in two days after we were warned of high usage. So, we are changing our passwords and hopefully that will ensure this house is not left in the cyber darkness at the end of July.

Today I have come to the bottom of my Primula Tea assortment. I pulled the bloom out of the mylar envelope and was amused by its shape. It is sort of a short fat peanut looking thing. I tried standing it up on end to get a picture of it but it would not balance. I kind of chuckled while thinking about Weebles and how this definitely wasn't one. You know - Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.

Into the crystal teapot with 209 F water it went and steeped until it was open. As I poured water on the bloom there was a lot of tiny debris bouncing about the water. The good news is it quickly settled and no big pieces came loose. It was interesting to watch as the pod quickly jumped open and the red flowers sprang through the top.

There were a lot of air bubbles forming and rising out of the pod. The pod bobbed and spun a little before sinking quietly to the bottom. As you can see the arrangement pretty much filled my little teapot. I have no idea what the red flowers are but they are kind of cool looking.

The liquor was fairly dark for blooming green tea, turning a deep honey color. I used a strainer when pouring to the mug. The strainer only had one leaf of green tea in it. This held together really well.

The taste is OK, but not my favorite. The jasmine is too light compared to the red flowers taste addition. It is not globe amaranth sour but it isn't much of an improvement to my way of thinking.

Final analysis, this is one of my favorite displays from Primula but nowhere near a favorite for its taste.    

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  1. blooming teacher so much fun. they explode in your cup like fireworks with its color but without the boom.
    It's kind of appropriate that new reviewed this just before July the 4th when we have so many fireworks