Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tea For One

In this post I am continuing to share more of my teaware collection. Here is my tea for one pot and mug. I bought this at an auction at our church. I wasn't looking for such an item and I didn't need one, but the opportunity presented itself and it was for a worthy cause. So, why not.

Tea For One 

What appears to be dark brown staining seems to actually be permanent. I scrubbed it several times and even took bleach cleanser to it but the darker area remains. Ah, it adds character.

Tea For One Pot And Mug

The pot looks smaller than the mug. It is not. The walls on the mug are very thick and the two hold about the same amount - roughly 12 ounces. That is my standard mug size though I usually only fill a mug to around 10 ounces. I find the thickness of this mug to be uncomfortable to sip from and find it better suited to soup or oatmeal. 

Crackled Interior

I have not used the teapot very many times. In fact I recently decided to retire this pot. The reason may not show up clearly, even if you click the picture above to expand it to full size. The glazing on the inside of the pot has a crackled appearance. The safety of such glazing seems to be cause for great debate on various pottery sites. It may be safe to use but I am not taking any chances. This one has been moved to display only mode.


  1. Nice idea! Pot and cup in one. It might not be usable but it looks nice! Why don't you try using it as a pot? It can hold a small plant and the holes provide an excellent way for excess water to drain. The cup will probably allow you to place it anywhere without the fear of stains.

    1. Good idea, except plants don't do well around me- unless they are the plastic kind :) That probably would look cute though.