Monday, January 12, 2015

Golden Tips, Thurbo Moonlight Darjeeling Black Tea Second Flush

Golden Tips Description:
Every season the Thurbo Moonlight has been a favorite among our connoisseur friends from across the world. This Moonlight summer black tea is at part the best and is characteristic of fluffy brown-black leaves with extravagant silver tips. The aroma is sweet and flowery with a bright golden liquoring cup. The flavor is extremely fruity and flushes your mouth with its presence, without any sort of astringency. 
An outstanding second flush Darjeeling.

Sample provided by Golden Tips Tea

My Review:
Today I am continuing to expand my knowledge of tea from Darjeeling, India. This tea come from the Thurbo estate. Pretty much everything you could want to know about this tea is printed on the label.

This is a 10g sample tightly packaged in a resealable bag. When I removed a scoop of leaf, the pouch contents puffed up making it look like I had never gotten in to it.

As you can see I took a generous scoop. I would guess it to be nearly 2 tsp by volume. The leaf looks a lot like crushed fall leaves with greens, and various shades of brown. There are even some silvery tips.

The scent is fruity and hay. The fruit kind of makes me think grapes.

I used my green ceramic teapot and 200F water for a 4 minute steep. The recommended is 3-5.

The result is a neat golden liquor. I tried to capture its beauty, but there is only so much you can do with a cheap digital camera and room lighting. It is far shinier and more complex than I could capture.

Sadly, I can't say I caught much of an aroma off the leaf or the brew. My wife just started a pot of chili in the kitchen and the amazing smell of onions and garlic are kind of overwhelming by nose at the moment.

The wet leaf doubled in size. Not sure I was expecting that out of a fully oxidized tea leaf. If you are a tea ball user, make sure you use a large one, just to be safe. The leaf needs plenty of room to move in the water for a good infusion.

I notice a big taste difference between this and the Giddapahar Muscatel I recently reviewed.

This one is very fruity. It is also kind of floral. Don't let that scare you. It is not like the overwhelming floral of some oolongs. This is a soothing sensation that speaks in a quiet voice.

There is no bitterness. I detect only mild to moderate briskness that leaves a mild dryness.

The aftertaste is a neat swirling of fruit that is grape like, and the delightful floral, that weave in an out of a woodsy leafy taste.

The website states the time of day recommended for sipping this one is afternoon and evening. That makes sense. This is not the kick in the pants of most breakfast teas. It is a solid cup for sitting quietly for a moment or sneaking in a chapter with a good book.

You can find Golden Tips Thurbo Moonlight Darjeeling Black Tea Second Flush here.


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