Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lupicia, Cookie

Lupicia Description:
Black tea scented with an image of freshly baked caramel cookies. Best served with milk. Contains Allergen: Almond

Black tea, Almond, flavourings,

My Review:
I received a sample of this tea, by Lupicia, from a friend. I love serious teas. The kind you have to meditate on while being one with the universe to grasp its complexities. A lot of my blog reviews have been serious teas.

Sometimes though, every one just needs to stop being so serious and have some fun. Today's tea is simply called Cookie. What could be more fun? C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me...

The black tea base is interesting to me. There is what seems to be CTC leaf that I expect, but intermixed are larger pieces of leaf. Curious. Not going to analyze, just going to enjoy it. Also mixed in are tiny pieces of almond. This smells really good.

Into the magical green machine ceramic teapot it goes (the pot is not really magical - don't tell). I added boiling water and fidgeted for 3 long minutes. I poured through a screen basket.

The tea is a beautiful deep red color - much prettier than my picture makes it appear. The leaf in the teapot smells like, well like, browned cookies. Really, It is a deep browned almost brownie smell. Yum.

The taste is similar. I think mom left the cookies in the oven a couple minutes longer than she should. You can literally taste the caramelized bottom crust of the cookie. So good.

I could enjoy the entire cup this way, but the description says this is best with milk. So I add a splash and some sweetener, because, well, Cookie!

If you just pour the milk in it mixes with the tea but leaves a layer of undisturbed tea at the top. Kind of fun. I found a spoon and mixed thoroughly.

This really smooths out the flavors. It is a caramel and almond cookie that is slightly burnt on the bottom. Just like homemade. It almost has a coffee like aftertaste but not that strong and not bitter.

This was neat and a pleasant break from deep concentration. I would quickly say yes to this if offered.

You can find Lupicia Cookie here.  You can also finf it on Amazon but it appears to be twice as expensive.

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