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Wymm Tea, Menghai Wangshuji Shou Pu-erh in Seventh Grade 2008

Wymm Tea Description:
This shou pu-erh brews with a rich and honey flavor and long-lasting jasmine rice aroma. Full tea leaves from high mountains in Menghai County, located in west of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province, are picked to make the tea in 2008. Pu-erh tea has the potential to ferment over time, and this tea has been post-fermented for 6 years since production. Post-fermentation gives the tea vibrant flavours and richer aroma as well as deep wine colour.

Note: First grade contains the smallest leaves while seventh grade contains the largest leaves. There is marginal difference in the taste; first grade has a slightly stronger and woodier flavour, while the seventh grade has a milder and sweeter flavour. The third and fifth grades fall in between of the first and seventh grade.

Sample provided by Wymm Tea

My Review:
Woke up this morning and decided it was shou time!

This sample from Wymm Tea came wrapped and tucked inside a proper paper wrapping, allowing the leaf to breathe. With most tea leaf, air is a bad thing. With pu-erh it helps with the aging process.

The leaf is loose and of large size. It is mostly dark and resembles tree bark. In the picture I notice some twigs. There is not a lot of scent. It is mildly barn, with hay and some composting scent, along with a touch of leather.

I used boiling water and about a 10 second steep for the first cup. I prepared this for western mug because I just didn't feel like a bunch of tiny steeps - as I would just pour them together anyway.

As you can see from the picture the first cup is light. Here it looks orangish. In reality, it was the same color as my Sue Bee Honey which is just out of camera range.

The steeped leaf is nearly black and has that shiny neoprene look. The leaf has a strong barnyard aroma.

The sip is immediately likable. I am getting zero rough edges prepared my way. There are no off flavors.

This is very smooth. It is also quite creamy. The flavor note is mainly earthy forest wood. There is a bit of dryness on my lips, which I find interesting since this is so creamy. It is mildly sweet with just a touch of honey flavor.

The second mug was also steeped at about 10 seconds. It is darker than the first and still lighter than expected. The flavors while hot are very similar to the first with more of a spicy note with a unidentified fruity note - maybe it's cherry. Once the cup cools the spiciness fades. I did not get to taste the first mug while really hot, as I was distracted, so this note might also exist in the first.

I believe there are many steeps left in the leaf. I'll stop the review here but continue on tasting later today.

Conclusion: This Mehghai from Wymm is an easy sipper, worthy of trying.

You can find Wymm Tea, Menghai Wangshuji Shou Pu-erh in Seventh Grade 2008 here.

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