Tuesday, September 15, 2015

3 Leaf Tea, Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Three Leaf Tea Description:
All of our signature hot chocolate blends contain 3 or less ingredients. Our blending begins with raw, organic cacao (ca·cao) which creates a smooth rich chocolate base without any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Cacao is the purest form of chocolate where the bean is cold pressed to separate the oil from the protein and fiber. The pressed cakes are then finely milled into a powder to become the finished product. Because high heat is never used, cacao is a raw product. We believe using raw cacao versus using processed cocoa (co·coa) is better for you, and more delicious!

Vegan, Gluten Free 

Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, raw organic cacao powder, natural flavors

Directions: Whisk 2 tablespoons into 1 cup of hot milk until well blended.

Sample provided by Three Leaf Tea

My Review:
Yes, I know, this is not tea. Since I have reviewed many herbal 'teas' on this blog, I feel it is acceptable to review a natural ingredient hot chocolate, and besides, it's hot chocolate!

3 Leaf specializes in flavored matcha but also offer a selection of loose leaf teas and hot chocolates.

I have really been looking forward to trying this since it arrived in the mail but it has not been the proper weather with highs in the 90's. We have suddenly been thrust into some solid October like weather so today's 45 F morning seems just right.

The entire sample is required for this cup. The powder looks a little like rooibos but of course that is the finely ground cacoa with some added sparkle from the pure cane sugar.

I heated the milk in the microwave then poured half of it over the powder. Had I been thinking I wouldn't have poured the powder into the mug until after the microwave, because now I have two mugs to clean. D'oh!

I then grabbed the mighty MatchaDNA frother and began mixing. In mere moments I had a hot thick and creamy mug of chocolaty foamy goodness. I slowly poured the rest of the milk in the mug and took the glamour shot.

The first taste is not what I expected. It was better! I have had the common grocery store variety of peppermint hot chocolate. It is watery with over the top mint in the face. This blend from 3 Leaf is very different. The first thing I notice, after the foam on my nose, is how deeply cocoa and rich tasting is this mug.

It is sweet but not overly so. I probably notice more because I never add sugar to anything. My Splenda monkey won't let me. So the rare treat of cane sugar is more apparent to my senses.

The next thing that comes to mind on first sip is, where's the peppermint? Then mid sip, it slowly rises and fills your mouth with cooling. It really is more sensation than taste. That is some beautiful restraint. When I'm drinking tea I want to taste the tea first, then the added flavor. Same with hot chocolate. I want to taste decadent rich chocolate. Then give me a little something extra to add to it, not take away. That is exactly how this peppermint hot chocolate fulfills it's role, and it does so perfectly.

Excellent work 3 Leaf!

You can find Three Leaf Tea Peppermint Hot Chocolate here.

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