Monday, September 28, 2015

Red Leaf Tea, Pumpkin Pie Matcha

Red Leaf Tea Description:
Despite its unique name, pumpkin pie tastes very similar to sweet potato pie. It is sweet on the palate and when combined with the enriching hints of exotic Matcha, becomes more balanced and delectable on the palate. Pumpkin Pie Matcha can be adapted to suit the occasions of young children because of its sweet beckonings and also the occasions of adults because of its delectable taste. This understated delicious snack can be an excellent choice as an in between meal snack for those who are not afraid to experience true adventure. It's surprisingly sweet taste both delights and enriches the palate with unexpected pleasure.

My Review:
It's fall and as a tea drinker that means trying the obligatory pumpkin inspired tea. This year I went a different route and ordered this flavored matcha from Red Leaf Tea.

I'll start by saying I love pumpkin pie. About this time of year I can almost imagine the very reason I was put on this earth was to eat pumpkin pie. We all know that isn't likely to be true but it's my fantasy and I'm sticking to it. That said, it makes me sorry for tea companies that I review. I know they will not capture the true flavor of pie. Pumpkin spice sure, but not pie and crust.

So this one is intense out of the packet. The spice is quite strong when I open the bag. I mostly notice clove. To a lesser extent it is cinnamon and allspice.

Viewing the powder it looks typical of kitchen grade matcha. Upon closer inspection I see sparkles of possibly sugar crystals although the ingredients are listed as "Pure Matcha powder from green leaves, Pumpkin Pie Natural Flavor".

I used my usual heaping teaspoon of powder with a couple ounces of cold 2% milk. With my electric frother I worked this up until it was almost entirely a creamy foam. Then I added more milk until the foamy mix reached the top of the tumbler.

You can see in the picture how much foam is still present. It makes for a thick creamy dessert drink.

I read through the reviews on Steepster. Most of them praise this for capturing the essence of pumpkin pie. I will have to say I respectfully disagree. This is not pumpkin pie. At least it is not any pumpkin pie I have tried, and I have tried a lot.

That said, it is still pretty good. It is very sweet. It is also heavy on the spice. This reminds me of the powdered Chai mix a friend and I used to buy at Sam's Club. We went trough several large cans of the stuff. Every time we would swear we weren't going to get another, but before long one of us would crack and away we would go again.

So, this is a very sweet decadent dessert treat. I could become addicted, but as with virtually every pumpkin themed tea I try this time of year, this is pumpkin spice, it is not pumpkin pie.

You can find Red Leaf Tea, Pumpkin Pie Matcha here.

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