Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Petit Tea, Opulence Lavender Green

Picture Credit: Petittea.com
Petit Tea Description:
Opulence Tea Infusers combine premium quality, anti-oxidant rich tea directly and the convenience of a tea bag. Unlike tea bags, these Tea Infusers do not collapse when steeped in water, allowing tea leaves the desired space to uncurl and release delicate flavours and aromas to the water they steep in.

These modern tea infusers are an elegantly superior alternative to the tea bag and loose leaf tea. Designed to hold tannin longer to keep teas from becoming bitter brewing that perfect cup every time, regardless of how strong you want it.

High grown green tea flavored with lavender flowers and natural lavender oil.

Sample provided by Petit Tea

My Review:
Truth time - I love just about every kind of tea I have experienced with few exceptions. When I received these samples and saw Lavender Green on this one, my natural reaction was to flinch and put it off until last. Lavender, thus far, is not on my love list. So far, it has been on my too avoid list.

The however is the previous Petit Teas have been very good. So I am going out on a limb and giving them the benefit of the doubt. It also occur to me that if I hate this one (because I just might), I will still have some to review that I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy later.

Long introduction aside - this Lavender Green is one of four blends packaged in the Opulence Variety Pack. Inside the box the aluminum infusers are individually wrapped and boxed.

Once the infuser is removed I sniff. It is perfumey as lavender tends to be, yet not so strong that it offends me - yet. I proceed cautiously.

I used 190F water. The box says freshly boiled. I just couldn't do that to green tea. The box also advises to use a 2 minute steep. At 2 minutes the brew was very lightly colored so I added an additional 30 seconds. Why? I'm a rebel at heart.

The liquor is light green with a slight yellow tint. It only has a faint flowery scent. Fingers crossed. I'm going in....

Hmmm.... interesting, and not at all what I was fearing. Yes, it's lavender but at a very pleasant level. I've had lotus teas that were far more in your face. I quickly took a second and larger sip to confirm the experience. I actually like this. The taste is somewhere between the aforementioned lotus and a mild jasmine. Underneath it is a neat green tea that expresses itself as kind of earthy in combination with the lavender. It rises up quickly at mid sip and pushes its way into the end.

I did not add any sweetener at first. It doesn't need it. For science I mixed in some Splenda mid cup. My advise is don't, or at least try it first. I think it took away from the taste and muddied it.

I am seriously shocked how much I enjoyed this one. Reminds me of the jasmine tea I used to think I didn't like until I had some that was blended correctly. I am now a big fan. Way to go Petit Tea!

You can find Petit Tea Opulence here.

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