Monday, February 1, 2016

Petit Tea, Opulence Morning Dew

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Petit Tea Description:
These modern tea infusers are an elegantly superior alternative to the tea bag and loose leaf tea. Designed to hold tannin longer to keep teas from becoming bitter brewing that perfect cup every time, regardless of how strong you want it.

An elegant Slide out tray in the box holds eight Tea Infusers in four unique flavours. Each Tea Infuser is individually sealed in BOPP film to retain freshness and flavour.

Premium blend of Darjeeling black tea.

Sample provided by Petit Tea

My Review:
I usually try not to post back to back reviews from the same companies. Since it has been almost a week since the last, I hope you won't mind. The last couple months have been crazy stressful. The holidays are enough on their own. Add in a father who goes in for a knee replacement the day before Christmas, develops a reaction, and you get a mountain of concern. He is finally doing much better. Then, the weather has been abnormally warm. That's great for not driving in snow and ice but not so good on stressed immune systems. Last week I battled the worst stomach virus I've had in 25 years. I'm back. I weak. I want tea. I don't want to mess with it. Thank you Petit Tea!

As I have written in previous reviews this tea comes in its own infuser. Simply drop it in the cup, add hot water, wait, and sip.

The dry infuser has a solid tea aroma. I can picture putting my nose into a tin of loose leaves. The aroma does not at this point conjure a particular type black tea to my recovering nose.

I used near boiling water and about a 3 minute steep. The package instructions call for 2 minutes, however I was too unorganized to stop it earlier.

The liquor is a bit light in color for a black. That's the moment the light came on - Oh, yeah, a Darjeeling. After I moved away from the bright table lamp, it turns far more of a beautiful burgundy. The aroma is light.

Finally getting to taste. It is a touch woodsy/nutty and I could be convinced this was either a Darjeeling or a Nepalese black as they often have a very similar taste. This one has a citrusy bite that pierces clear through the first sip. I notice it less on subsequent sips. I like that bite especially in something called Morning Dew. Its like stepping outside in the sleepy morning and catching the scent of the damp woods around you, then having the cool brisk air remind you to get moving.

I keep thinking I am getting glancing hints of smoke. I next added a little sweetener (Splenda in my case). For me, it didn't add a lot to the taste, but took sweetening well. I do think it may have developed just a little more of a fruity edge, which is always welcome.

I think where I could best see me drinking this one is with a scrambled egg breakfast bowl made with sausage, fried potatoes, onions, peppers, and cheese, smothered in salsa. That is my usual Saturday breakfast and this would fit perfectly. Man fuel! No dainty tea cakes for me... unless you have some... in which case, we could see how well they work together.

You can find Petit Tea Opulence Morning Dew in the Variety Pack on Amazon or direct from Petit Tea.

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