Monday, March 21, 2016

Lov Teas, Wellness Tonic

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Lov Teas Description:
The Wellness Tonic Tea is a powerfully healing blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and antimicrobial elements, boosting vibrant health. Beautifully steeped in deep yellow, it is a delightful way to bathe your cells in vitality.

Lemon Balm*, Chamomile*, Nettle*, Rosehip*, Echinacea*, Ribwort*, Ladies Mantle*, Turmeric*, Elecampane Root*, Sage Leaves*, Blue Mallow Petals*, Rosemary*, Thyme*
*100% Organically Grown

Sample provided by Lov Teas

My Review:
I don't recall the last time I reviewed a herbal tisane. I know it has been a while because my wife asks every time the postal carrier drops off a new box of teas, "are there any I can drink in there?" She is one of the poor unfortunate souls who cannot tolerate caffeine. She is okay with that as long as there are tasty herbals in the world.

Today's tea will be a first time review on the Everyday Tea Blog for Lov Teas. I love this quote from their home page:
Löv Teas is an Amsterdam based, ethically obsessed, organic herbal tea company. We represent a holistic lifestyle that goes far beyond just tea.
Löv is a soothing vehicle for consciousness.
I received a sample size of this one. The bag is not resealable. There appears to be enough in the pack for 5 servings more or less. Cutting the top off and giving it the sniff test offers up a calming savory spiciness that reminds me of our summer herb garden. I am catching the rosemary, tyme,and sage. My wife, knowing nothing of the ingredients besides chamomile, says she smells turmeric. Good nose! There are traces of other herbs that I am not familiar with present in the mix as well.

Removing enough for two mugs, I recognize the chamomile flowers. There is a lot of different green leaves, bits of leaves, and something violet. No idea what I'm looking at.

I used my press and enough leaf for two mugs. Fresh filtered boiling water was added and the steep was 10 minutes. I noticed at first the water turned a cool green. As the steep continued, this changed to a honey/caramel color.

My wife took the first sip since she is the expert. An exact quote aftrwards - "Oh Wow!" I prodded for additional insights but they were not forthcoming beyond she would not necessarily drink it everyday but that it was really good. Then she asked me to save the leaf so she could try a second cup. She accomplishes this often with herbals, so why not.

As I taste, I'm looking at the ingredient list trying to figure out what would have a kind of minty like taste. I'm guessing it is the sage. As with the aroma, I recognize the basic herbs from our garden and the chamomile. There are a whole variety of other notes present that I can't recognize or describe. What I can tell you is this is very complex. The flavors blend perfectly together without becoming muddy. It is cooling and calming at the same time.

This is a unique taste experience for me. My wife emptied her mug very quickly. That is a good indicator the herbal person in the house approves this tea.

You can find Lov Teas Wellness Tonic Tea here.

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