Friday, March 18, 2016

Petit Tea, Mango Monsoon

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Petit Tea Description:
A rare blend of full bodied Indian Black Teas masterfully balanced with aroma and taste of the world’s best mangos. A fitting flavour from the home of the mango, India.

Indian black teas, natural mango flavoring

Sample provided by Petit Tea

My Review:
Sadly today I am reviewing the last of the Petit Tea infusers. But not too sad as I have several from the Om series already in the review line up and some from the organic line that Petit has asked The Everyday Tea Blog to taste. It's good to be me.

The Infuser product line is a series of 5 teas packed 12 to a box in an individual serving aluminum infuser. As simple to use as a tea bag but without the paper taste. The leaf has plenty of room to expand within the infuser. Water flow through the infuser seems more than adequate to achieve a solid cup of tea.

Though each of the different Infuser teas are sold separately, mine is actually from the Variety Pack. If you are curious about the Infusers, I highly recommend the Variety Pack to get the full range of the experience.

Okay, so I heated a mug of water to 195 F. You could (and I probably should have) use full boil. Poured over the infuser in my clear glass mug and steeped for 3 1/2 minutes.

The result is a deep orange/red brew. There is only a light fruity scent.

With a name like Mango Monsoon, I honestly expected an overwhelming amount of fruity smells and tastes. That does not describe this tea. Mostly that makes me happy because strong flavors often translate as artificial. I mostly mention this so you have a better idea of what to expect.

The taste is very smooth. It is earthy and reminds me of forest or woodsy. Rich and full bodied. The mango flavor picks up mid sip and carries through the aftertaste. Honestly, while pleasant tasting, it just barely rises above the flavor of the tea base. Generally speaking that is the way I want a flavored tea to behave. I want to taste tea. There is a tongue tickle late in the sip from a slight astringent bite. It is not overly noticeable but does add a little character to the cup.

I added a little sweetener mid cup and it took it well. I'm not sure it totally needs it as it brings out no new flavor but it is not going to hurt the cup either if you prefer a sweeter tea.

It is possible my use of less than boiling water held the fruit flavor down. I'll not be able to find out as my son walked off with the second Mango Monsoon that was in the box. Dirty rat. Hope he enjoyed it.

You can find Petit Tea Mango Monsoon here.

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