Monday, February 6, 2012

Life In Teacup, Jasmine Dragon Pearls

The sample came to me from a friend. I could not find this tea on the company website. Maybe it has been discontinued or maybe it is seasonal. Either way it is a shame as this is quite nice. The dry pearls smell of root beer. Yum. I steeped this for 3 minutes with just below boiling water. The mostly open leaf is whole two leaves and a bud, and smells intensely jasmine. A few months ago I would have run for the hills, but now I can’t wait for this to cool down so I can taste it. The clarity of the brew is excellent. The color is the palest yellow green. The sip has grape notes at the front, and a peachiness beyond the wonderful jasmine. This is really, really nice. The first cup was exceptional. The second was very good. Cup 3 is pleasant but mild. It is milky. There is not near as much flavor as the earlier cups. Two solid steeps is the apparent limit on this one.

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