Saturday, February 11, 2012

Zoomdweebies, Lemon Flavored Black Tea

I was given this sample. It says on the label this is a black tea with lemon peal with natural and/or artificial flavor(s). There were no brewing instructions on the label so I used my standard for black tea – 1 tsp, 3 minutes, and boiling water. This is CTC leaf (very small pieces) with pieces of lemon peal. The liquor appears clear and dark but not too dark. The sip is not what I was expecting. I thought this was going to be a brisk in your face wake up you sleepy head tea with a slap of citrus. Not at all. This is a medium bodied, smooth black, with just a hint of lemon and only enough bite and malt to be interesting. Kind of like Prince of Wales with the touch of lemon. A pleasant start to my day.

Wait a minute ladies and gentlemen, I think something is happening. I kept smelling spices this morning. I thought maybe it was the Hot and Spicy Cinnamon calling out from the drawer (drink me, drink me). I ate a couple sesame sticks, a moment ago and then grabbed my cup. I don’t see it on the label but I am getting spices now that the cup is cooling. If it is my imagination, I hope I don’t wake up until I finish the cup.

Cup 2. It is not my imagination! As this stuff cools it tastes like Lady Grey minus the floral bergamot flavor. What a fun cup. I am sharing this with a co-worker who drinks Twinings. I know he will absolutely love this.

So now after writing this glowing review, I discover Zoomdweebies has become 52Teas and Man Teas. Sadly, this wonderful tea is not listed as a blend by either of these companies.

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