Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Two Leaves, Better Belly Blend

Two Leaves Tea Company Description:
A rich-tasting decaffeinated tea you'll want after any meal. Let the ginger and fennel do the work while the pleasant taste of calendula and apple help you relax and unwind.

Fennel*, cassia*, ginger*, apple pieces*, calendula*, anise*, dandelion*, crisped mint*, caraway*, peppermint*, cornflower*(*organic)

Price: $7.95 for 15 sachets. Steep twice for $0.26 per cup.

Part of the Complete Sampler Pack provided by Two Leaves Tea Company.

My Review:
I love the picture of this one. It just looks like a party. I steeped the sachet in a mug for about 4 minutes. It was very pleasant and relaxing. Ok, this is a really quiet party, but a good one. The taste is primarily ginger and fennel. Fennel tastes a kind of like licorice. Neither the ginger or fennel are overpowering. The other ingredients offer background support. I could not separate these ingredients in the mix. The mint is really not tasted so much as experienced in the form of a nice cooling effect. This is a little sweet but not so much that you can't add sweetener if you are so inclined. I did.

This was the last of the 18 sachets from the complete sampler pack. If you are new to tea or just curious to try something new, I heartily recommend this sampler for its wide range of tastes. It is an education in a box.

Two Leaves furnished my sample pack but they did not ask me to say any of this. I was free to review the tea as I saw fit. It just so happens that I have been very impressed. I have seen Two Leaves products on local store shelves (and generally cheaper than online). The sampler I have only seen on their website. It may seem a little pricey at first but what's an education worth?

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