Monday, September 2, 2013

Blue Raven Tea Company, Maiden's Mead

Blue Raven Description:
A pleasing taste of honey and ginger. Ingredients: green tea, ginger bits, flavoring.

My Review:
I got this one in a mystery box. It was unopened, and I have no idea how old the package. I also could not find this one on the Blue Raven website. Oh well, that has never stopped me before.

This is an obvious green tea. If you notice in the picture, there are some twigs. They are not the color of the leaf so I am not sure if they are part of the tea or were added later. The aroma of the dry leaf is lightly licorice but that is not listed as an ingredient. I used a healthy scoop of leaf and water heated to 190F for a three minute steep. The result is a cloudy honey colored steaming cup. The nose is pleasantly floral with hints of licorice.

The sip is interesting. It is a lightly bitter green tea (I may have over heated the water) with a primary note of ginger and a lighter sweet note of honey. Late in the sip the licorice reemerges.

I am not sure what I think of this one. It is different and interesting. The flavors are well balanced. Despite the presence of the twigs this seems to be a quality offering. I just don't think it appeals to my tastes. I really can't say why. I like all the elements present, apparently just not combined together.

Visit the Blue Raven Tea Company site.

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