Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Solstice Brews, Gemini- Moroccan Mint Tea

Solstice Brews Description:
Bright. Lively. Cooling
Like a Gemini, the snappy flavors of this Moroccan Mint variant will certainly get you speeding along.
Box of 15 tea bags
Ingredients: Gunpowder green tea, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Tarragon

Price: $4.00

Sample provided by Solstice Brews

My Review:
This is the third in the astrology line I have to review from Solstice Brews. I don't recall ever having a Moroccan mint tea before, so this will be a first for this flavored green tea.

I used 190F water and steeped in a cup for 3 minutes. I then removed the bag. The brew was lightly green tinted toward the surface and more amber looking towards the bottom.

When I removed the bag I noticed it was swollen to the limits. I think next time I will try tearing open the bag and put the contents in a Finum basket or use my press to set the leaf free.

The initial taste was spearmint. That doesn't surprise me. I am not the biggest fan of spearmint. After the initial shock wore off I tasted again. Now it seems much less intense. Next, I get a brief moment of light bite from the gunpowder green tea. I suspect I got the water a little too hot - easily fixable. Next comes tarragon. Tarragon? Yep. Never had that in tea before, except once when trying to make my own blend. It works here much better. I am really bad at blending. I'm thankful others (like Solstice Brews) have the know how. The tarragon adds interest as I really wasn't expecting it. The lemongrass and peppermint I don't particularly single out as they seem to be in the support roles here.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I have never had a Moroccan Mint before. I have no idea if this is a good example. I can tell you it was pleasant and different at the same time. There was definitely enough interaction between the ingredients to give it depth and interest. I have only prepared this once as I have been buried with schoolwork. I hope to update this review after I resample it. I liked it well enough but I think I can get more out of it with a little adjusting on my part.

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