Sunday, September 22, 2013

Solstice Brews, Cancer- Caramel Pecan Rooibos Tea

Solstice Brews Description:
Comforting. Rich. Creamy.
Cancers are a big fan of comfort foods, hence why this decadent treat is modeled after pecan pie.
Box of 15 tea bags
Ingredients: Rooibos, Caramel pieces, Pecan oil, Red Clover Blossoms

Price: $4.00

Sample provided by Solstice Brews

My Review:
This is the second of three Solstice Brews teas I will be reviewing. This is from their astrology line. This is also a rooibos blend. I have not reviewed a 'red' tea in a long time. Not actually a tea since it contains no camellia sinensis leaf. Rooibos is a bush grown in South Africa. It starts out green and is oxidized similarly to tea resulting in the familiar red color.

I poured boiling water over the bag and steeped for 6 minutes before tasting. I actually left the bag in the cup the entire time I was sipping. The brew is the familiar dark reddish brown. Likewise the scent is familiar to all who have tasted rooibos.

As an aside, I have heard various pronunciations of rooibos. The preferred, I believe, being roy-bus. Feel free to disagree.

Tasting is immediately rooibos. Of course, if you have never done so, that means little. It is very difficult to describe. Instead of a horizontal palette, I think of rooibos as a vertical spike. It is sweet like honey, woodsy, spicy - kind of like cinnamon, and caramel. Honestly it is its own thing and you will have to experience it yourself to decide if it appeals to you.

Where as a straight rooibos often grabs the back of my throat like sandpaper, a good blend will calm that behavior down. This is such a blend. After the initial spike of red tea it mellows into a pecan and caramel mixture. I don't know what the red clover is doing in the mix but I assume adding a touch of sweetness. 

I found myself pulling the cup away from my lips to look at it and contemplate. That is a good thing. This was different, interesting, and delicious.

If you have a dislike of all things rooibos, be warned. This is definitely red tea. If you find it comforting and you are avoiding caffeine, this is a warm rich blend. Nicely done.

Visit the Solstice Brews website.

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