Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bigelow, Ginger Snappish

Bigelow Description:
Savory, sweet and just a bit spicy, our Ginger Snappish herbal tea is the perfect combination of ginger and lemon. Create a new tradition this holiday season, snuggling up with a cup and relaxing by the fire while gazing at fresh fallen snow.

lemongrass, lemon peel, cinnamon, ginger, lemon verbena, rose hips, natural gingersnap, and natural lemon flavor with other natural flavors (soy lecithin), licorice root, citric acid

My Review:
Another that I received as an early Christmas surprise from my friend GG. I did have this before Christmas but am just now getting around to posting. This one appears to be intended as a Christmas themed tea. I do not know if this is available only seasonally, as our local stores don't stock it, in or out of season. Bah Humbug to grocers who ignore the tea drinkers among us.

The tea bag comes wrapped in this bright cheery foil envelope. I only have the one bag, but the box they come in is even more festive. You can see it here.

The scent as I open the wrapper is ginger and lemon. I was expecting more of a ginger snap smell but then the label does say 'with lemon'. The lemon does not make me think lemon fruit, rather it is more lemongrass/lemon verbena.

The string is long enough that you won't have to fish it out of the cup later, and the bag contains almost 2.5g of herbs. Plenty for a real cup of herbal tea.

I steeped this for the recommended 4 minutes. The brew is cloudy yellow. The aroma is a pleasant ginger/lemongrass combination.

Interesting, the taste is far more lemony than I expected. Frankly it is the main flavor. The ginger appears briefly towards the end of each sip, just long enough to add a little heat and then fades rather quickly. This contains licorice root but I do not detect it in the sip.

I added sweetener to see how it affected the taste. Honestly, I preferred this without additions. It is pleasant and soothing, but I have to admit, it does not make me think gingersnap at all. It also does not coincide with any Christmas memories for me. The gingery aftertaste is not enough to bring out the Ho Ho Ho in me, on the other hand, as a quiet lemon cup it is very nice.

I mentioned in my review on Steepster that I would be more inclined to sip this one late at night in the summertime while sitting out under the stars.

You can buy this direct from Bigelow, or just maybe, it will be on your local grocers shelves.

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