Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Numi, Teahouse Glass Teapot

Numi Description:
Our unique, hand-blown glass teapot is the best way to watch a Flowering Teas™ bloom. It serves up to 14 ounces (420 ml.) of tea. This teapot's dimensions: 4.25 in. (h) x 5.25 in. (w) x 4.25 in. (d)

My Review:
This is the latest addition to my teaware collection. Sometime back I broke my clear glass teapot. I loved the shape and pretty much everything about that teapot, except, from the beginning I was concerned about how delicate it felt. One day, while cleaning it, I accidentally bumped the sink faucet with it and cracked the spout. A short time later, same circumstances, except this time I broke the spout off. I was heartbroken.

I immediately started looking for a replacement. I wanted a small, single cup, clear, glass teapot for blooming teas and greens where I want to watch the leaf dance. Everything I found was either way too large or much too fragile. Then I found this one on Amazon.

It claims to hold 14 ounces. I think 12 is more realistic, if you actually want to pick the full pot up. I'm fine with that, as in fact 10 ounces is what I was looking to purchase, and what I used in the picture above. The handle on this is comfortable and solid. The spout is a pitcher type and I have to admit this reminds me of the Kool-Aid pitcher. So bonus for kid memories. The spout poured easily and drip free in my test. The glass is clear and relatively distortion free allowing for an excellent display of the test bloom - Sunshine by The Persimmon Tree.

I did find some things that I consider less that optimal. The lid fits a little loose. That is not a big issue with me, but you do need to be careful to keep a hand on the lid while pouring. That is true of most teapots. The bigger issue is the globe shape. It makes pouring a bit awkward. The teapot ends up nearly upside down to empty the contents. Holding the pot in one hand, the lid with the other, all while balancing over a strainer, is going to take a little practice to master.

While the earlier clear glass teapot was far more elegant, this one seems far more sturdy to put up with my real life clumsy activities. Until I find something practical that works better, I think this will serve my needs.    

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