Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Teavivre, Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun Green Tea (Pi Lo Chun)

This sample is one of 15 provided by Teavivre, a tea distributor located in China.

The dry leaf is very different on this one. It is kind of black (dark grayish green) and white. A bit fuzzy. For some odd reason it reminded me of old time upholstery stuffing. The dry leaf smells of hay and grain. I brewed a healthy spoonful of leaf at a cool 176 F for 1 short minute. I would definitely have over steeped if Teavivre hadn’t provided clear instructions on the package.

The wet leaf on the first steep is dark green with a bit of tan. It hasn’t completely unfurled but appears to be small leaves and pieces. The smell reminds me of Cheerios. Maybe I should have had breakfast. The liquor is pale greenish and actually darker than I expected with such a short steep.

First sip, ooh I like this. It has enough bite to be interesting without being bitter. Tastes of grain at the front of the sip and spice at the back. There are some very faint floral notes that remind me of a Ti Kuan Yin. The main thing I like about this is the green is not too green. I know a lot of people want their green to be really bright and grassy. I can appreciate a tea like that but I prefer a subtler cup like this one. It has a touch of grassiness without being overwhelmingly so. This is how I want a green to taste. I had three steeps out of it before stopping. I believe it would have gone more.


  1. This is Tea_is_wisdom from steepster and I will have to say this is a quality tea and I believe it's on sale so you should let people know it is a great tea that is really being discounted from their good prices anyway.

    1. I think you just told them! This is a wonderful tea from a really great company. The incredible sale price probably won't be offered for long. Order while you can.